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Our mission

See Change works with business, academia, philanthropists and non-profits to solve complex sustainability challenges. 

Our team travels to remote locations with fragile ecosystems to highlight global environmental issues, collect evidence and produce content for television and digital media.

We collate information, connect the dots, engage stakeholders and discuss big ideas. We aim to be neutral and bipartisan, always looking at the big picture and international legacy.

If someone asked us what is our core belief, we'd probably say, "we all have the power to make a difference. And the change starts with you."


What we're up to - polar plastic

The See Change team is preparing to head up to the Russian Arctic to look for microplastics carried there on ocean currents. Travelling onboard an icebreaker, our party will include a scientist specialising in plastic so we can contribute to research as well as document our findings. We will be filming on land, ice and sea by camera, drone and virtual reality.

It is said plastic leaked into the seas around the UK, Europe and North America is carried to the Arctic within two years, where it does “extreme harm” to the fragile polar environment. There is very little data to date, something which we aim to improve upon.


be the change

Our charitable partner is the Water Smart Foundation, which provides an alternative to single-use plastic bottles in the hospitality industry by facilitating water filtration systems and bottling logistics. WSF also provides free drinking water and reusable bottles in public spaces to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic in the UK.




Our ocean Malta

As global leaders and environmental influencers gathered in Malta, the call is for action.

We are delighted to be involved with this initiative by the European Union, helping turn ideas into solutions.


Read up

Recent reports and findings on plastic, with short and long reads.



See Change is collaborating with The Green Channel (Boxspring Entertainment) to create engaging, environmentally-focused content for the global professional workforce.

The contemporary format offers online training which is both entertaining and educational.

We need not wait to see what others do.
— Mahatma Gandhi